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Rolling Slide Gate Valve

Rolling Slide Gate Valve

  • Two-Stage Seating Eliminates Gate to Seat Galling.  

Stage 1 - Gate assembly moves along guide rails to the closed position & the wedge bar contacts body wedges.                    

Stage 2 – As operator thrust continues to push the gate assembly the body wedges force it onto the seat

  • Center point contact of the wedge bar on the back of the round sealing plate of the gate assembly facilitates even distribution of the thrust force of the operator around the 360º interface between the gate & seat. The result is a tight metal to metal seal.

  • Fully guided gate assembly eliminates gate flutter

  • FCI 70.2 Class VI and complete shutoff 

  • Refractory & Ceramic Lined Designs

  • Available in sizes - 4” to 120”

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