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Our History

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Butterfly Valves

The 2020s

On 1st February 2024 Frisch moved to a new corporate structure, leading to an enhanced focus on customers active in the energy transition, and improved support for our established core customers in phosphate and steel smelting.

Investments in people, equipment and facilities focused in our Battleford, Saskatchewan, hub; are driving support improvements for mineral extraction and refining customers worldwide.

The 2010s

Through strategic partnerships with industry leaders in sulfuric acid technology and plant design & optimization, Frisch became a global leader in the design & manufacture of fabricated valves & dampers for severe service applications.

Through adapting technologies developed for fabrication of high temperature corrosion-resistant steels, Frisch established a niche in the manufacture of test cell components for gas turbine OEMs.

The 2000s

This decade saw a drive towards self-sufficieny in manufacturing processes with the addition of significant capital equipment and tooling in Battleford. While the portfolio of severe service designs was broadened to meet customer demands.

Sales volumes increased steadily with the addition of representative partners throughout North America and expansion into the Middle East in the second half.

The 1990s

The company was established by Larry Gabruch in 1998 bringing together specialists in high performance valves, dampers, and steel fabrication techniques. Investing in central Saskatchewan close to early customers with high-volume sulfuric acid plants.

Early credibility was established with end-market customers in phosphate processing, steel mills, and oil refineries. A legacy that established a solid foundation for future growth.

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